Two Good Guys

Broken Love

Crossing the River

The Old Ranch

Jack's Final Journey






A  Robert  Manuels  Film

Written, Produced and Directed By  Robert Manuels     Assistant Director  Jamie Manuels    Two Good Guys
Introducing  Robert Manuels, Mario Durand, Lina Farias, Elissa Jordan, Edward Costa and Richard Manuels 
Music By Illy Sounds, Ryan Amaral, Impakct, Ernest Resendes    Edited By Robert Manuels
Copyright 2001 Rmanfilms, All Rights Reserved

The story revolves around best friends, Darryl Wright and Jay Cooper. They both have dead-end jobs and make just enough money to get by. Frustrated with the direction of their lives, they are lured into trafficking drugs for a Mafia boss named Harry. Darryl becomes disgusted when he realizes that most of the drugs they're bringing into the city are turning up in the local schools. Darryl confronts Jay about the situation, but Jay convinces Darryl to stay in for awhile to see what happens. It's not until drugs turn up at Darryl's nephew's school, that he realizes they must get out. Their friendship is tried when Jay refuses to quit. Darryl decides to stay in only because he doesn't want to leave his best friend alone in a dangerous situation. It gets really complicated when Harry orders them to kill one of his associates. Throughout the film, Darryl and Jay have girlfriends. They both find true love, but they have a tough time admitting that to each other.  

I've been working on this project for about two years, not including writing the script. In my opinion there is not much difference between this film and a Hollywood film. The only differences are, first, that this film is on 16mm and Hollywood uses 35mm, and secondly, the cost. Although I found the cost of the film to be very expensive, by Hollywood's standards it is just peanuts. Now that the film is complete, I plan on entering film festivals nation-wide. Here's the Review of "Two Good Guys" from Herald News Film Critic, Michael Freeman.

Two Good Guys Preview

The World Premiere took place at Loew's Cineplex
in the Harbour Mall, Fall River, Ma.



	World Premiere Night was Friday, May 18th 2001 at 9:00PM 
	The Second Screening took place on Saturday, May 19th 2001 at 1:00PM
	An added Third Screening took place on Sunday, May 20th 2001 at 1:00PM
	The Final Screening took place on Sunday, May 20th 2001 at 4:00PM





The Providence Screening took place at the
Cable Car Cinema on Sunday, July 15th 2001, at 5:00PM



The New Bedford Screening took place at the
1st Annual New Bedford Film Festival at the
Zeiterion Theater on Friday, October 26th 2001, at 8:00PM.
Best Dramatic Feature Film "Two Good Guys"


Special Screenings Of "Two Good Guys" Took Place At  
Talbot Middle School To Support The Veterans' Association Of Bristol County
All Proceeds Were Donated To The Veterans' Association Of Bristol County
Friday, July 19th 2002 At 7:00PM & 9:10PM Saturday, July 20th 2002 At 5:00PM, 7:10PM & 9:15PM Q & A Session was held after all Screenings


The Boston Screening Of "Two Good Guys" Took Place At The
Coolidge Corner Theatre In Brookline, Ma On Tuesday, November 5, 2002 at 7:30 PM.
The Boston Film and Video Foundation's "Meet The Director" Series.
Q & A Session Was Held After The Screening.





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